Experienced Energy, Media & Marketing Professionals

The Sustainable Media Network makes a strong team available for every project. Together we represent decades of experience in the renewable energy industry including policy analysis and technical work with residential, commercial and utility-scale solar, microgrids, and energy efficiency.

Founded in 2006, The Sustainable Media Network™ provides broadcast quality education, marketing, and training videos for sustainably oriented companies. Our productions help businesses connect with potential customers, inform the public about the numerous benefits of clean energy, and train the workforce of America’s New Energy Economy.

Our group is based in Denver, Colorado. The company’s principal is founder Dave Bowden, Executive Producer. Network associates include Lili Francklyn of Crucible Communications, and Rebecca Cantwell, former journalist and Executive Director of the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association. We reach out to other top level video and marketing professionals for specific assistance, depending on the project. 

Dave Bowden has been a TV producer, writer, cameraman, and editor on a wide range of news, investigative, and documentary programs since 1980. His credits include 4 years on the staff of the PBS NewsHour covering major national and international news stories, PBS Frontline, New York Times TV, HBO, and Hallmark documentaries. He was selected as a Knight International Press Fellow in 1998, and has been employed in the newsrooms of 3 CBS affiliates.

In the past two decades Dave has focused on science, health, and environmental topics. He has filmed health and socially-oriented documentary projects in Haiti, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Malawi, Israel, and Ukraine, directed a documentary about Greenpeace USA’s three-month journey down the Mississippi River, and filmed the first national documentaries on AIDS and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Dave has been actively engaged in sustainability issues since 1997, joining the Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES), in 1999. He served on its Board for 4 years and led the group as its President in 2004. That year, as a member of the statewide committee that won Amendment 37, America’s first direct vote on renewable energy, Dave worked on voter education and fundraising efforts. In June 2004 he wrote a 700 word editorial “Get Real on Energy,” published in the Denver Post, and was repeatedly interviewed and quoted in statewide newspapers, radio and TV stations about clean energy topics. His video work that year included producing and writing a nationally broadcast 30 min. show “The Power of Tomorrow” about renewable energy, and his video footage was integral to Amendment 37’s campaign commercials. Related energy work includes leading the Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO-USA) as its Executive Director, serving as the group’s chief spokesman, media coordinator, conference organizer, and primary administrator.

Bowden earned degrees from Arts University Bournemouth in England and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. His broadcasting work has received numerous national awards. For more information please visit us at Dave Bowden TV.